What is POSP?

How to join Gosree
Insurance Broking as POSP ?

The insurance regulatory and development authority of India [IRDAI] is responsible for all insurance-related activity in the country, has devised a unique way to ensure every citizen of India has the opportunity to be under the insurance umbrella through The POSP Program. POSP stands for Point of sales person.
A POSP is an insurance agent who has the authority to work at the grassroots level and offer their customers a multitude of options like never before. While normal insurance agents can only sell insurance policies of their own companies, a POSP can sell insurance products across companies and across insurance categories too, like motor insurance plans ,term plans, life plans, health plans of different companies. Some other advantages of POSP:

  • A POSP has the authority to issue insurance policies on the spot (no underwriting necessary)
  • POSP agents sell simple, transparent insurance plans that provide complete protection and tax benefits
  • Many more options for customers to choose from; one POSP can provide The variety of several normal insurance products of different companies.
  • POSP agents have been equipped with digital technology, which makes their lives form-free and therefore their customers' insurance experience richer

Through POSP agents, the insurance industry is bringing all the benefits it can provide Right to the doorstep of the common Indian.

Anyone interested to join Gosree Insurance Broking Company as POSP can send their below mentioned details to us so that our insurance manager will contact them and help them to do the needful